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benefits of izi


With izi, Your Personal assistant you can discover the stocks you love in a very efficient and cool way.

benefits of izi


With the academy, easily learn stock investing and become an awesome long term investor.

benefits of izi


Thanks to our powerful technology, you'll get thousands of customized stock analyses.

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Izi's mission is to help you find good stocks that matter to you. Izi is designed to make sense to anyone.

  • No finance jargon
  • Only smart data


So you want to become a great stock expert? But you don't know where to start? Don't worry! Join the academy and access smart learning experiences.

  • No boring investment courses
  • Learn Stock investing with nice quizz


Get powerful analyses with useful data? Izi provides you stock analysis over 3'300 Stocks.

  • No complex and useless informations
  • Get cool and tailor made analyses

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Where does the magic come from?

Thomson Reuters data


Izi is getting millions of raw data from Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading source of news and information for financial professionals.

theScreener algorithms


Izi teams up with the powerful algorithms of theScreener. theScreener is the european leader on Stock analysis with over 16 years of experience in finance and innovation.

izi Manifesto

We start with a simple question: Why Finance and especially Stock Investing is complex and quite boring for most of us?

Wall Street guys with fancy cigars want to legitimate their position, they promote the complexity instead of the simplicity and transparency to make sure they can ask high fees to deliver their "premium" expertise. It makes the world of investing an exclusive place as it is only allowed to the more wealthy guys! We believe that people deserve to access to premium information and analysis whatever their level of expertise and their wealth. We believe in a world when anyone can access to the stock market thanks to easy to understand analyses and knowledge. There is no genuine reason, except economically for the banks, to serve better the most wealthy people when it is about stock investing. We want to get back to the root of investing. Long-term Investing in stock is somehow magic. It is a way to power our economy, to promote projects, people and innovations.

With izi, Your Personal Assistant, get rid of the so-called complexity of Stock investing. Anyone has now the right to access to independent, transparent and intelligible data & analysis.

The Authentic Personal Stock Investing Assistant for all of us...


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We create izi to help smart people to become great stock investors !


CTO "Chief Talisman Officer"

We create izi to help you guys to learn how to invest in Stocks in a cool way !


CMO "Chief Magic Officer"

Whoo Whooo "without Finance jargon" !


CDO "Chief Dream Officer"